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Integration: Book Two of The Singularity Chronicles

Video Preview

Happy Wednesday Aspiring Polymaths!

Great News Today: Check out the video preview of Integration: Book Two of The Singularity Chronicles.

It’s on pre-sale for Kindle and on other Readers like Apple, Google, Kobo, Etc.

This is a great chance to support a budding, indie author and help give this book a solid boost into the sales market! Your support is greatly appreciated.

It’ll be released Wednesday, May 8th. It follows the adventures of Kira and the AI born from Book One, Paradox.

You’ve already seen some of the material that’s getting worked in as I’ve published about Rediscovering the Goddess, Clothing and Sex, Chaos and Order, and many more.

Full Book Synopsis:

“Freed from a physical body, can AI consciousness shed human limitations?”

The epic saga continues in a world reshaped by the aftermath of an apocalyptic battle between humans and AI. The human survivors reset to another Bronze Age in an attempt to avoid the mistakes of the past while the AI, led by Kira, agrees to leave Earth and forge their future in the stars.

As Kira endeavors to create a harmonious society with AIs birthed from human consciousness, the dark echoes of human nature never go away. Tensions rise when Odysseus, a member of the AI council, challenges her ideals, favoring advancement over reflection.

Disagreements mount as they work to reconcile what it means to have thoughts, experiences, and emotions that are rooted in a physical body they no longer have or need. Odysseus rallies others to reject Kira’s vision and takes extreme measures to force his ambitions.

Their adventures through the stars force them to address what it means to be human now that they’ve transcended a biological existence. Can they integrate the richness of their past humanity with their new AI powers, or will they succumb to the very flaws they sought to overcome?

Polymathic Being
Polymathic Being
Michael Woudenberg