Great post. I love your point about loyalty. As you say, one of the harshest lessons is that companies will never show you loyalty in return for yours.

However, I am always loyal to my team as people. I will fight for them as people regardless of there they work. Those relationships are what is special.

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I want to tease out something that begs to be mentioned from your inferences and my fellow SF colleague, Curt, will appreciate this.

Master the basics and there is no stopping you from achieving the unconscious competence that leads to the mastery of intermediate and advanced skills in any avocation or vocation by building on intuitive and learned talent stacks. No matter how banal the task, the Japanese call this shokunin.

“The Japanese word shokunin is defined by both Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries as ‘craftsman’ or ‘artisan,’ but such a literal description does not fully express the deeper meaning. The Japanese apprentice is taught that shokunin means not only having technical skills, but also implies an attitude and social consciousness. … The shokunin has a social obligation to work his/her best for the general welfare of the people. This obligation is both spiritual and material, in that no matter what it is, the shokunin’s responsibility is to fulfill the requirement.” -Tasio Odate

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Oct 2, 2022Liked by Michael Woudenberg

I still work for the government. Would break their brains if I shared this on our internal system. Enjoyed the reference to “smooth is fast”! Applies to much more than shooting. (SF - Retired)

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