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Like you passing your Systems Engineering test easily after being intimidated by epaulets, I've had moments where it was made very plain to me that titles don't mean doodly. I think there's an entire group of folks out there who haven't had that experience yet; perhaps this piece can help them step outside of their comfort zones.

I'll offer a second word of caution, inverting the central message: there are certainly folks out there who should say far less in conversations with experts. I'm talking about people who are not willing to do the hard work to understand a subject, but who want to opine and to have their point of view considered as just as important as someone who has spent years studying a subject.

Both problems persist, and both are worthy of addressing.

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Hey Michael, we have a very different background but much of what you say here is my story. I call it panoramic, because polymath speaks to me of someone with many degrees and credentials. The problem of seeing the bigger context and connections and never possessing enough jargon to communicate the insight has been frustrating to say the least. I write about what I know. That is from experience and thinking. The topic is so much wider than the systems applications.

My Substack is called Guardening the Spheres and would love to get an online conversation going on the many aspects of the wider approach. Make it more visible.... a who are we to....


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Thank you for your post. I have an advanced science degree and am a nurse. Whenever anyone argues with me, I can say..."I was there".


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Outstanding article! Please fix the typo on Max Planck's last name. With that fix, IMHO, your article will be perfect as written. I possess a background of a wide array of formal education, personal studies, varied experiences, numerous jobs, taught college courses for over 15 years, 50 publications that include 18 published books, five degrees in engineering and business administration, etc. Hence, I consider myself a polymathic person. I look forward to reading future articles from you. Bob Uda, Ph.D.

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