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There is a great book on post traumatic stress studies called a upside which talks about the fact that in most cases PTSD can actually bring the greatest amount of growth, but they also mentioned the conditions which makes that so. Point being is that trauma alone is not sufficient, but what you do with it throughout your life

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I used to worry so much about unattended children when they were around me. It didn't matter what the circumstances were, but I resented parents who just sort of wandered off while I was staring at their child, making sure they didn't put a paperclip in an electrical socket or wander into traffic or whatever.

I understand why parents are like this MUCH better now.

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Such a great insight - and glad my figure describing antifragility was inspiring!

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Thank you! I have been saying many of these things for years... mostly met with stares of pity or disbelief or anger that I could be so nonchalant about challenges (whether those were my own or broader societal challenges).

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