It's always really interesting to see how words are interpreted after I loose them. Text being the form of communication with the most context stripped from it, I don't think that it should replace call, video, or face-to-face for anything substantive.

Text is better for routine tasks and notifications - or else you really have to finesse it to get your message across.

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Feb 19, 2023Liked by Michael Woudenberg

You stuck that landing:

“We are imperfect humans, using imprecise language, to communicate incomplete ideas. Grace, humbleness, and forgiveness in all dimensions are crucial to weaving successful communication.”

This article reminds me why I stopped “doing email” years ago. Meaning, i stopped debating / discussing anything that required nuance on most electronic platforms. I left Facebook. Email now, for me. is a in / out box -- a delivery mechanism for documents or action items, not a communication medium. Same with group slack channels. DM and text are closer to conversations.

Now, my algorithm is: if it’s important, let’s talk about it.

I don’t know if this communications taxonomy makes sense, but it’s how I’ve retracted from tools that, to me, are destructive not constructive with respect to communication.

It’s been liberating--the less you respond on email, the less you get provoked on email. People call more. It seems to attract better behavior.

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Michael I just read your latest post about art and AI. The first image of this post, with two people looking at screens but facing opposite directions, is a great example of your argument! Without generative AI, I guess you would either have skipped putting an image altogether, or lifted one from a google image search. Generative AI has enriched your post.

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