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Hey, I know that Will guy and he's definitely a top notch leader. He's given me advice in some of the most difficult moments in my career, and he taught me to always know my value. The loyalty of the folks who worked for him is proof. I was really pleased with how hard Will worked to encourage the next generation of engineers. I always say the greatest lesson he taught me was to always remember to take care of my people because if you take care of your people they'll take care of you.

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Good piece on leadership. I've read dozens (hundreds?) of books on how to become a better leader over the years, and it has been one of the toughest multi-decade journeys of my life.

"Unspoken expectations are guaranteed to be violated" is gold. Legacy issues mean that this continues to plague every business I touch, but we've improved immeasurably over the last decade in particular.

"people will get upset when they are shown to be in error."

Boy will they, and so will I! But I've learned to redirect this quickly and to self-assess rather than feeling anger.

Telling someone else they've screwed up without having them instantly implode is its own art, probably worthy of its own piece (or book).

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