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In a world of business hares, try to be a turtle. Be steady.

This resonates with me as a business owner, although the deluge of business certainly has a mind of its own in spite of all our preparations. Still, we can do a lot to smooth things out.

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Good leaders provide a filter for their teams.

I recently had a situation where one of my team was identified to step up and replace me while I headed off on secondment elsewhere.

They thought they could do my role having watched me for 2-3 years. I appeared to do very little compared to what he did in his opinion. Couldn’t be difficult right?

Well, little did he know just hoe much filtering I was doing. Small pulls on the tiller pulled the team away from the rocks before they even knew there were ro is there.

As leaders we need to create the right conditions for our team. In a way it’s like vegetable gardening. Get the right conditions and your plants will grow and flourish.

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Hey Michael, I loved reading your article on providing Top Cover! It's great to see how creating stability amidst chaos can lead to incredible outcomes. Looking forward to Part Two and gaining more insights from your unique perspectives and experiences. Keep up the fantastic work!

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I love your slinky example. That’s actually how I drive in stop-and-go traffic. The only drawback is people then take advantage of the gap in front of me.

> While I young Officer in the Army

typo or missing word?

> you could feel the chaos residing

did you mean “receding”?

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